AmblyoCare is a software system developed in the frame of the SEE-KID / CEVD project in cooperation with the hospital “Barmherzige Brüder” Linz and the General Hospital of Linz (AKH Linz). A demo version can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The main goal of AmblyoCare is to provide an environment for ophthalmologists which allows an effective and objective early diagnosis and therapy of high grade amblyopia especially for infants. Although training the remaining vision is most effective at a young age by regular therapy, the target group of AmblyoCare not only includes infants and children, but also high grade visually affected adult patients.

The system structure of AmblyoCare allows three different scenarios: the investigator can run the examinations and control them on one computer with one monitor, on one computer with two monitors or on two monitors with one computer for controlling the examinations remotely while the patient sees the stimuli on another computer. These three scenarios guarantee a high flexibility for using the software according to the needs and possibilities of doctors and patients.

Currently, the following methods for diagnosis and therapy of high grade amblyopia are included in AmblyoCare:

  • Visual Attention
  • Moving Stripes (Optocinetic Nystagmus)
  • Rotating Disc (Eccentric Fixation)
  • Visual Acuity (Shapes, Snellen-Test, Landolt-Test)
  • Smooth Pursuit Movement
  • Saccades Movement
  • Contour Detection
  • Preferential Looking

ATTENTION: When you install AmblyoCare on your computer you only have a restricted test version, which you can try out for 10 minutes. After the time is over, the program closes automatically.
If you want to try out all features of the program, you must request an evaluation key.

Please enter your name and e-mail address, then click on "Request AmblyoCare Evaluation Key" to receive your 15 days evaluation key via e-mail. In order to prevent massive generation of evaluation keys by single users, keys are not immediately sent and entered name and e-mail address are checked by hand. Therefore, please allow up to one business day for key to arrive.

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Product Version Size Type
AmblyoCare Windows x32 4.1 48.31 Mb Restricted Version, Requires Evaluation Key or Full Version Unlock Key
AmblyoCare Windows x64 4.1 49.01 Mb Restricted Version, Requires Evaluation Key or Full Version Unlock Key
AmbyloCare Android 4.1 Android app on Google Play
AmbyloCare iOS 4.1 Download on the App Store

AmblyoCare User Manual
Product Version Size Type
AmblyoCare User Manual (German) 12/2016 7.01 Mb -
AmblyoCare User Manual (English) 12/2016 6.92 Mb -